National: “In democracy, it’s OK to disagree”, CSOs to AMLO

CSOPhoto: Ilse Huesca, Cuartoscuro

In a letter published on March 5th entitled “In democracy, it’s OK to disagree”, 70 civil society organizations (CSOs) and 104 activists asked President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) to stop disqualifying and minimizing their work.

They stared that, “democracy is not a delegation of power limited to suffrage and six years of silence. Triumph at the polls does not grant a license to ignore those who think differently. On the contrary. In democracy, we Mexicans have the right to express ourselves freely, to participate in public life and even to defend positions critical of the government.”

They stressed that “it is necessary for citizens to express themselves and be heard even when their positions are critical or contrary to whoever governs. Any violation of this pact questions the democratic conviction of those who hold power.”

They stressed that “political violence in Mexico should not be taken lightly and civic order – in which dialogue, dissent, discussion and recognition of all as citizens – should be the foundation of democratic life. The plurality and diversity of opinions are valuable in and of themselves.”

They indicated that their sole purpose is “to contribute to the construction of a better country and to communicate points of view that we have and have been able to nurture when confronted with our own realities.”

It should be remembered that in his morning press conferences and on more than one occasion, Lopez Obrador has questioned organized civil society and announced that CSOs would no longer receive money from the public budget.

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