National: Chamber of Deputies Approves Ruling on Revocation of Mandate and Consultations


On March 14th, the Chamber of Deputies endorsed a ruling by which the President of the Republic may be subject to revocation of mandate in addition to raising various constitutional amendments to regulate citizens’ consultations, with 328 votes in favor, 153 against and two abstentions

For the revocation of the mandate, it is proposed that it will be convened by the Congress of the Union at the request of the president and must have the endorsement of 33% of the members of the chambers.

To call for it, it will be necessary to gather at least 3% of the nominal list, that at least 40% of the voter register concurs and that is called in the intermediate elections (the day on which federal deputies are elected in the next electoral period).

In the case of the consultation processes, the document states that 1% of the electoral roll will be needed to request it and that it be binding, its results will be necessary to summon 33% of the nominal list. Likewise, it establishes that which cannot be the object of citizen consultation: the limitation of human rights, as well as the bases, tax rates and the budget of expenditures of the federation.

The National Electoral Institute (INE in its Spanish acronym) will be responsible for the organization and development of the voting while the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation will issue the declaration of official validity.

The approval of the ruling occurred in the middle of an exchange of signs and banners with the slogan “Effective suffrage, no reelection” on the side of the opposition versus “Revocation of mandate, prerogative of citizens, not of governors” on the part of the MORENA followers (the party of President Lopez Obrador). In the arguments of those who opposed, there is the risk that such a reform will allow reelection, the questioning of the fact that they occur in the intermediate elections (they consider that the intervention of the President of the Republic in them is “a tactical political resource to pull the vote towards the candidates of his party to positions of popular election”) and when indicating that “a badly designed mechanism of direct democracy can generate ungovernability.”

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