Chiapas: Indigenous Prisoner Released after 16 Years Awaiting Sentencing and 60 Days Hunger Strike


Chiapasparalelo: After 16 years without sentence and 60 days on hunger strike, tortured indigenous prisoner is released

On May 14th, 60 days after starting a hunger strike along with five other companeros, Juan Perez Alvarez was released from the Social Reintegration Center for the Sentenced No.10 (CERSS 10) in Comitan de Dominguez, having spent 16 years in detention. His release was granted for penitentiary benefits of work and conduct.

The indigenous argued that he was arrested in 2003 without an arrest warrant, while moving to his place of work, then, was approached by security authorities to force him to sign blank papers and self-incriminate under torture for a crime he did not commit.

Given the irregularities of his arrest and accusation of kidnapping, Perez Alvarez decided to start a hunger strike, despite being diabetic, which represented a serious risk to his health and life.

The Working Group “No Estamos Todxs”, an organization that accompanies prisoners, warned about the fact that the Public Ministry can appeal the decision to release him, and therefore they ask him to present himself within 20 days, which could lead to his detention again.

“It has been 16 years and two months of life stolen, long years in which our compañero has had to live separately from his family, deprived of seeing his children grow up. Years of confinement and injustice that there is no way to recover, serious damage to his life and integrity, impossible to repair”, the Working Group stated.

They, also spoke about the situation of the prisoners who are still on hunger strike since March 15th to say that Adrian Gomez Jimenez, a hunger striker imprisoned in the CERSS no. 5 in San Cristobal de Las Casas, had to be transferred on May 22nd to the Hospital de las Culturas, in the same locality, for a severe infection in the urinary tract due to dehydration and a decrease in his defenses that derive from the lack of food intake.

For more information in Spanish:

Tras 16 años sin sentencia y 60 días en huelga de hambre, liberan a indígena torturado, Chiapasparalelo, 22 de mayo de 2019


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