National: AMLO Presents His First Government Report


On September 1st, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) presented his first Government Report as president in the presence of approximately 500 guests in Mexico City. This Report was also sent to Congress as a protocol in the country and includes advances and challenges in the National Development Plan 2019-2024, which was published last April 30th and outlines the government’s priorities and goals.

In his speech, AMLO referred to the need to continue fighting corruption, as well as to seek greater justice and equality, stressing that, “building a country with wellbeing requires the inclusion of all groups, particularly the poorest.” In the results of his austerity policy, he said that, “in these first nine months we have achieved savings of 145 thousand million pesos.” He affirmed that “the Stock Exchange has remained stable; the economy is growing little but there is no recession, and now the distribution of income is less unfair.”

Critical voices called attention to some of his statements that cannot be verified due to lack of data or lack of updating in official sources in this regard, for example, when it is mentioned that eight million older adults have received their pension, or that there are 930,000 young people in the Youth Building the Future program.

Regarding security, AMLO said that we still have to “work hard because the results are not good in terms of reducing the incidence of crime and the problem is being addressed, but it is our main challenge.” He reported the deployment of 58,600 members of the National Guard and “the goal is to deploy 140,000 elements of the National Guard throughout the country.”

Regarding human rights, AMLO stressed that “the State has ceased to be the main violator of human rights”, that “45 political prisoners have been released” and that there are 315 journalists and 639 human rights defenders who benefit currently of the protection of the Mexican State. In the written report, “the serious human rights crisis that the country is experiencing” is recognized and the government’s commitment to “face the demands of truth, justice, reparation of the victims and non-repetition” is highlighted.

On migration, AMLO acknowledged that it had to change its strategy to avoid an economic confrontation with the United States, but did not give more information about the impact this change has had on human rights. He said that “in the month of June the threat of imposing tariffs and a possible economic and political crisis”, was achieved “an immigration agreement that obliges us to be stricter in the application of the law in the matter, without violating human rights and rescuing in our favor the recognition that this matter will be addressed without using force and coercion, but by creating work and welfare opportunities for people in their places of origin.”

Some sources consider that this is rather the “AMLO’s third report”, the first being an intervention of AMLO marking a hundred days of government, and the second another speech a year after the elections in which he won the presidency. Around 1.15 million people watched the speech on television, 8% more than his speech on July 1st, a year after his victory of the presidency.

For more information in Spanish: 

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