Chiapas: EZLN Convenes Second International Encounter of Women who Struggle

EZLNPhoto: Tragaluz (First International Encounter of Women who Struggle)

On September 19th, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN in its Spanish acronym) published a statement in which it convened the Second International Encounter of Women who Struggle, which will take place from December 26th to 29th, 2019 at the Caracol located in Morelia ejido.

The communiqué signed by the coordinators of the Five Zones says that for the Second Meeting “only one issue will be addressed: Violence against Women, in two parts: “One of denunciation and another of what we are going to do to stop that massacre that they are doing to us.” They commented that, “nobody is going to get peace, freedom, justice for us”, but “we have to fight, sister and compañera, fight and take them from the ruler. That is why the invitation on the issue of Violence against Women is not only to denounce, but also to say what is done or what was done or what can be done to stop these crimes.”

They said to women who come from other places: “We want you to come and make your denunciation clear. Not to be heard by a judge or a policeman or a journalist, but to be heard by another woman, several women, many women who fight. And so, compañera and sister, your pain is not alone and it unites with other pains. And from so many pains that come together, not only a very great pain comes out, there is also a rage that is like a seed. And if that seed is grown in organization, then pain and rage become resistance and rebellion, as we say here, and we stop waiting for misfortune to touch us or not, and we start doing something, first to stop that violence against us, then to conquer our freedom as the women we are.”



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