Chiapas: African Migrants Clash with National Guard in Tapachula

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Late at night on October 2nd, an African migrant accused a member of the Federal Police of robbery and violence, although the versions of the event vary and some people attribute it to a municipal police officer.

According to the migrant from Angola named David, he was assaulted, beaten and stripped of his cell phone, a ring and money when he left the Siglo XXI migratory station in Tapachula to go to the bathroom. “We were sleeping in the tent, but my husband went out to do his necessities here nearby and suddenly policemen passed by, they started beating him,” said his wife.

After the event, indignant migrants protested demanding justice for the alleged attack on their colleague and clashed with the elements of the National Guard. After more than an hour and a dialogue between the federal authorities with the spokespersons of the migrants, the protests calmed down. The African migrant allegedly attacked was transferred to the Mexican Red Cross.

Some days previosly, on September 30th, around 350 migrants from the same immigration station held a march, for the sixth time since they began more than a month ago, to demand the delivery of ex officio exit documents that give them the authorization to transit through Mexican territory towards the border with the United States. Migrants mostly from African countries have been waiting for at least two months for immigration authorities to address their situation.

For more information in Spanish:

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