Chiapas: Destruction Vineketik in Resistance Organization Camp Denounced

PresosPhoto @ SIPAZ

On October 4th, members of the Vineketik in Resistance Organization, currently imprisoned in the CERSS No. 10 at Comitan de Domínguez, announced through a public statement that on the same day they were attacked by the “Wolf [Lobo] group (…) they moved us for an alleged revision but instead it was robbery because they destroyed the camp where we were carrying out the protest that we started last March 15th of this year.”

They denounced that “they stole our canvas with which we protected ourselves from the sun’s rays and the rain during the day and stole our blanket and $500 that one of our compañeros had left in his wallet they left the wallet but they took the money “ [sic].

The prisoners reported that this attack on them had to do with the allegations they have made in recent days against the director of the prison on alleged cases of “corruption that have been carried out within this center along with his accomplices the representatives to extort the families of the new inmates and multiple tortures within this center.”

For more information in Spanish:

Destruyen campamento de presos en plantón: Viniketik en Resistencia(Grupo de trabajo no estamos todxs, 5 de octubre de 2019)

Organizacion VINIKETIK en resistencia. (CGT Chiapas)

For more information from SIPAZ:

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