National: Migrants and Civil Organizations Demand that Mexican Government Respects and Protects Migrant Rights to Mark International Migrants Day

6317560D-C57B-4E85-B107-115B8526F762Source: La Opinion de Murcia

On December 18th, within the framework of International Migrants Day, relatives of migrants, migrants and migrant organizations called on the Mexican government to take actions to ensure the well-being and respect for migrants inside and outside the country, and not promote criminalization of migration: “we need a strategy for the defense and protection of Human Rights of migrants, their families, their communities and their organizations. The violence, persecution and criminalization of migrants in the United States, Mexico and the world has reached unthinkable levels that make us the most persecuted, detained and imprisoned heroes globally”, they said in a statement.

In it, they stressed the role of migrant families, especially women and girls and boys. They also stressed that many migrants are from native villages, and that is why they require specific forms of attention. This is true for Mexican migrants as well as those who come from other countries and are in Mexico: “while the Government calls our heroes and our migrants, the “heroes” of other nations that try to enter our country to save themselves from the death, poverty and persecution, their right to mobility is prevented, they are imprisoned and detained … And agricultural laborers are not included in the category of heroism, despite the violations of their labor rights they are equal to or greater than those facing Mexicans abroad, and the pay is much lower,” they stressed.

The statement was written and signed by the Popular Assembly of Migrant Families, The Indigenous Coalition of Migrants of Chiapas and the Indigenous Front of Binational Organizations. Other organizations supported it, including Global Exchange, Mesoamerican Voices/Action with Migrant Peoples, the Institute for Social and Cultural Research and Practice and the Network of Transnational Peoples.

According to the National Institute of Migration (INM), in 2019 the country received more than 42 thousand migrants for humanitarian reasons. After the agreement between the United States and Mexico a few months ago, the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador moved to a containment strategy. According to the statistics of the Office of Customs and Border Protection, from May to November 2019, the migratory flow dropped by 70 percent in the US.

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