Guerrero: Tlachinollan Highlights Need for Coordinated Action to Dismantle Criminal Organizations after Murder of Ten Indigenous in Alcozacan

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On January 17th, after a conflict between the Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities-Founding Peoples (CRAC-PF) and the community police who call themselves the Peace and Justice Group, ten Nahua indigenous people from the town of Alcozacan, municipality of Chilapa de Álvarez, in Montaña Baja in Guerrero were murdered. The CRAC-PF blamed the attack on Los Ardillos crime group.

According to La Jornada, David Sanchez Luna, coordinator of the House of Justice in Rincon de Chautla, reported that the ten indigenous people were “members of the group Sensacion Musical that had come to play at a party in the town of Tlayelpa,” and that some of them were members of the CRAC-PF. Other media, among them Animal Politico, reported that according to testimonies of the relatives of the victims “none was a musician (…) all were roadies who were hired to load the instruments, although two were hired as drivers and the youngest was the son of the manager of the musical group.”

Due to these events, the CRAC-PF installed a blockade on the federal highway that goes from the municipality of Chilapa de Alvarez in order to demand that the state government hand over the bodies of the ten indigenous people. In this regard, on January 19th, the State Attorney General’s Office reported that they handed over five of the ten bodies to the relatives. They also asked the federal or state governments “to respond to the request that the National Guard remain within the limits of Chilapa and Jose Joaquín de Herrera.”

Similar demands were made by the CRAC-PF after, according to information from the Tlachinollan Mountain Human Rights Center, since December 19th, 2018 the situation in the area around Chilapa became more violent, due to the emergence of community police who call themselves the Peace and Justice Group, in the Nahua community of Paraíso de Tepila, municipality of Chilapa. This resulted in a confrontation between the two groups that resulted in deaths on both sides.

This conflict received more attention at the national level when on May 12th, a group of children from the Rincon de Chautla community, in the municipality of Chilapa, announced their incorporation to the CRAC-PF to defend themselves against Los Ardillos. A week later, women from the Rincon Tapila village, also in Chilapa, reported that they opted to do the same.

The latest reported events were a new complaint from the CRAC-PF in which they announced that on January 20th of this year, Cenobio Morales Bolaños, a member of his organization, was taken at the place known as La Pasadita, municipality of Jose Joaquín of Herrera, bordering with Chilapa.

Despite interventions by the government, Tlachinollan said that “the murder of the ten musicians from Alcozacan, unfortunately is part of this flow of violence that the authorities of the three levels of government have allowed to increase, calling into question their commitment and impartiality for the adequate attention of this conflict (…) what worries most is that the state authorities have not taken strategic decisions to contain this violence.

It considered that the approach of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador “that it is necessary to calm down the country and work on a more comprehensive strategy that addresses the causes of violence, requires interventions at the highest level in order to contain this criminal avalanche. You cannot postpone responses in the medium and long term; it is necessary to implement coordinated actions to dismantle this criminal structure.”

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