Guerrero: 500 Persons Displaced after Confrontations in Zirandaro

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After different clashes between criminal groups in the municipality of Zirandaro, about 500 people were displaced. The first displacement occurred after clashes on January 13th when, according to official government data, 143 people, 100 from Guayameo and 43 from Zirandaro, fled the violence.

The Guerrero State Government reported that the services of the Guerrero DIF were made available to grant them food, blankets, mats and other items.

The newspaper El Sol de Acapulco reported that on January 20th, “a new confrontation with bullets in the community of Pandacuareo (…) this wave of violence extended to the communities of El Pino, La Parota, La Calera and San Rafael ( …) Municipality of Zirandaro, increased the number of displaced and forced classes to be suspended in schools of five communities of that mountain area of ​​Tierra Caliente, so as not to endanger the safety of teachers and students.”

According to a recent report by the Jose María Morelos y Pavon Human Rights Center that works with victims of internal forced displacement, some 6,500 people have been forcibly displaced due to violence in the state.

For more information in Spanish:

Confirman 143 desplazados por enfrentamientos en Zirándaro (Eje Central, 18 de enero de 2020)

Unas 143 personas se han desplazado de Zirándaro y Guayameo por violencia (El Economista, 20 de enero de 2020)

Violencia desplaza a habitantes de Zirándaro (El Sol de Acapulco, 22 de enero de 2020)

For more information from SIPAZ:

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