Guerrero: Children in Community Police Spark Controversy

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The murder of ten musicians in Chilapa and the presentation by the Regional Coordinator of Citizen Authorities-Founding Peoples (CRAC-PF) of 19 minors from the communities of Ayahualtempa and Alcozacan as new members of the community police have highlighted the situation of insecurity that prevails in La Montaña area in Guerrero. The public incorporation of these children (mostly orphaned by violence) in which they were carrying out tactical training for combat with firearms and sticks caused a range of reactions.
The head of the Ministry of Security and Citizen Participation (SSPC), Alfonso Durazo said that the participation of minors in community police is “unfortunate” and “irresponsible” when they have “no chance of defending themselves properly.” He announced that the case will be reviewed.
Abel Barrera, director of La Montaña Tlalchinollan Human Rights Center, stressed that Chilapa is imprisoned with the “demon of crime”, which has led to self-defense groups to hand over weapons to minors.
For its part, the Network for the Rights of the Child in Mexico (REDIM) expressed concern about the incorporation of children and adolescents into the ranks of the CRAC-PF , which it considered as a “performance” and a “desperate act” to get the attention of the Mexican state. It stressed that “it is not possible to prevent crime while exposing children to acts of violence.” It called on the CRAC PF to “assume as a great responsibility of protecting children and adolescents from any form of violence and recognize their rights, making them partakers of community solutions.” It also urged the authorities to “attend to the so-called citizens and human rights organizations to build a national strategy to stop armed violence against children and adolescents, which is Priority Project 26 (# Project26) of this administration”.

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