Oaxaca: Zapotecs from Capulalpam de Mendez Win Injunction against Two Mining Projects in their Territory


Authorities from the Zapotec municipality of Capulalpam de Mendez announced At a press conference that took place on February 12th that they won an injunction filed in February 2015 against the Canadian mining company Continuum Resources LTD and the Mexican mining company Minera Natividad y Anexas, which suspended their respective concessions to operate in their territory.

They had denounced that “the General Directorate of Mining Regulation of the Ministry of Economy assigned these concessions to the miners mentioned for the exploration and exploitation of gold, silver and other minerals without consulting the indigenous agrarian community of Capulalpam de Mendez.”

After a long litigation of almost five years, the Third Court in the state of Oaxaca issued a ruling in October 2019 canceling “all the mining concessions that were granted to the mining companies mentioned in the ancestral territory of the indigenous agrarian community of Capulalpam as it was granted without the Free and Informed Prior Consultation established by ILO Convention 169” and doing “justice to the indigenous communities and peoples of Oaxaca who have historically suffered discrimination and racism in the delivery of justice.”

However, the authorities remain concerned as “the Ministry of Economy filed a challenge with the objective of reversing the injunction, while Continuum Resources LTD initiated a separate legal process.”

For more information in Spanish:

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Triunfa Capulálpam de Méndez en la defensa de su territorio ancestral: Juez ordena cancelar concesiones mineras (Autoridades de Capulálpam, 11 de febrero de 2020)

For more information from SIPAZ:

Oaxaca: “Negamos el desarrollo que nos niega a nosotros”: Concluye Tercer Encuentro Estatal de Pueblos, Comunidades y Organizaciones “Aquí Decidimos Sí a la Vida No a la Minería” (22 de mayo de 2019)

Oaxaca: Close of Meeting “Yes to Life, No to Mining” with declaration (January 24, 2013)

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