Oaxaca: Olimpia Law Used for First Time


On February 12th, the Attorney General of the State of Oaxaca (FGEO) published a statement informing about “the probable responsibility in the crime of violation of sexual intimacy” of a young man with the initials JMLP. He was accused of displaying and sharing photos and intimate videos of his ex-girlfriend on social networks in July 2019.

According to Ruben Vaconcelos Mendez, the attorney general, this is the first case in which the Olimpia Law is applied, which was approved by the congresses of 16 Mexican states. It seeks to punish people who share intimate images of another person without their consent with sentences of between four and six years in jail.

The law was named after a woman named Olimpia Coral Melo. In 2012, an intimate video of her with her then partner was disseminated through social networks without her consent causing harassment and teasing that almost led her to commit suicide.

After overcoming her depression, she began promoting this law together with the National Front for Sorority that she herself founded. In 2018 they finally got the Puebla Congress to approve it as the first state in all of Mexico.

At the moment the accused in the case in Oaxaca, J.M.L.P., is in pretrial detention. This first application of the Olimpia Law is celebrated by feminist groups: “Today in Oaxaca the first case prosecuted for the crime of Violation of Sexual Intimacy. And this is thanks to the compañeras who dared to look for ways in which digital violence was criminalized in Oaxaca, […] to all the compañeras who have gone out to march and demand.”

For more information in Spanish:

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