National/Campeche: Injunction against Maya Train Limited to Municipality Calakmul


On February 27th, a Collegiate Court of the state of Campeche, resolved a complaint against the suspension of the “Maya Train Development Project”, granted by the First District Judge in the state.

The Collegiate Court prevented the federal government from executing the works of the Maya Train only in the municipality of Calakmul, in Campeche, given the risk that the rights of indigenous peoples in the entity may be violated. In their resolution “the magistrates considered that the work can generate environmental alterations that would cause irreparable damage to the contesting communities” El Informador newspaper reported.

Previously, indigenous communities belonging to the Peninsular and Ch’ol Maya people, settled in Xpujil, Calakmul, Campeche, members of the Indigenous and Popular Regional Council of Xpujil (CRIPX), reported that, on January 14th, the Judicial Power of the Federation granted them a provisional suspension of the execution of the “Maya Train Development Project”. This is due to a request for an injunction that they filed against the “simulated” Indigenous Consultation process that was carried out in informative and consultative assemblies with representatives of indigenous communities, to obtain the approval of the communities. The Mexican government immediately challenged the provisional suspension.

In this regard, on February 28th, the National Tourism Development Fund (FONATUR), the body in charge of the “Maya Train Development Project,” reported through a statement that “a Collegiate Court of the state of Campeche gave the green light for the continuation of work on the 1,460 kilometers of the route of the Mayan Train.”

Now, according to FONATUR, the Collegiate Court of the state of Campeche considered that “this suspension does not prevent the responsible authorities (FONATUR) from carrying out actions aimed at the execution of the administrative project such as tenders, obtaining environmental permits or any another issue; preparation of budgets and projects because such acts do not entail imminent damage to the complaining community.”

However, “the First District Judge located in Campeche, must continue to relieve the demand for guarantees and decide whether or not to grant the final suspension.” Animal Politico reported that “the hearing to resolve this was rescheduled for March 3rd, after FONATUR did not appear at the previous hearings alleging that it had not been formally notified about the provisional suspension issued by the judge.”

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