Chiapas: Lesbian Police Officer Set on Fire in Tuxtla Gutierrez


On March 25th, a female police officer, attached to the Ministry of Public Security and Local Transit in Tuxtla Gutierrez, who refused to hide her homosexuality, was attacked by members of the same police force. She is currently in hospital due to severe burns to her chest and arm.

The Chiapas Citizen Observatory on the Rights of the LGBTTTI Population demanded that the culprits be punished in an exemplary manner and that a thorough investigation be carried out for gender-based violence, especially for violence related to the victim’s sexual orientation. Thanks to that complaint, on March 31st, the State Attorney General’s Office arrested two people allegedly guilty of the crime.

According to the attorney general Jorge Luis Llaven Abarca, the victim known as Dulce “N” and her partner Karla “N” went to the home of the now detained Carlos Mario “N” and Jatziri Miriam “N” where the violent events took place. First Dulce “N” was pushed to the ground by Jaritzi Miriam and then Carlos Mario sprayed her body with alcohol and set fire to her with a match. When Karla “N” entered the room, she ran to her aid, but she also caught fire in the attempt to help her partner.

The LGBTTTI Population Rights Observatory called on the State Commission on Human Rights (CEDH) to issue precautionary measures to protect the physical integrity and life of the victim.

Civil associations and activists published an open letter to Jorge Alexis Zuarth Cordova, Secretary of Public Security and Municipal Transit, who had promised to cover hospital expenses, a promise that has so far not been kept. In that letter they stated that “this police woman is not alone, she has us in her trench.” They demanded “the prompt establishment of the facts, the removal from public office of all those responsible for harassment of any kind exerted on the partner and all material  and intelectual perpetrators, and others involved in the attempted femicide who are linked to the trial.”

For more information in Spanish:

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