Guerrero/International: Difficult Situation for Migrants and farm Workers Who Are Stuck or Want to Return

Community checkpoint (@Tlachinollan)

In a letter dated April 19th and addressed to the President of the Republic and other federal officials, municipal and community authorities, both concerns and proposals were expressed to address the “tragedy” resulting from the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) nationally and internationally.

Although they recognized “the laudable effort that is made in all the municipalities of Guerrero” by the health sector, they called attention to the specific needs of the “indigenous and Afro brothers” not only in this situation of health crisis but for the economic and social consequences that this will have for this vulnerable and marginalized sector in itself.

They asked the federal, state and municipal government to “not only respect community decisions to establish control systems for the entry and exit of many indigenous communities in Guerrero” but also “to explore support mechanisms, because the effort of the peoples is to avoid the spread of the “Coronavirus.”” They stated that “they are drastic measures of protection, but necessary.”

They asked for particular attention for the agricultural day laborers who, “surrounded by hunger and to survive, year after year travel to the northern states of the Republic in search of work on agricultural plantations” but who, in this context, were forced to return without taking “health measures to prevent the spread of the virus that plagues our country.”

They also warned about the migrants who are in the United States, thousands of people from Guerrero who are in particular difficulty in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, at a time when many “have lost their job or stopped working.” They urged that “the consulates and diplomatic missions of our country provide humanitarian aid to our compatriots.”

They proposed a series of measures to address the situation in both the US and Mexico.

In previous days, both the media and the Tlachinollan Human Rights Center reported on the situation of the numerous migrants from La Montaña Guerrero who are in the United States (at least 14 of them have died in New York in recent weeks) and those who tried to return to “face a new obstacle: their communities are closed, even to them, (…) which is why they have stayed in Tlapa, the largest city in La Montaña.”

For more information in Spanish:

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For more information from SIPAZ:

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