Oaxaca: Violence in San Mateo del Mar Leaves One Dead

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On May 3rd, an armed attack in the municipal agency of Huazantlan del Rio in the municipality of San Mateo del Mar, in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec region, left one person dead, as well as two houses, four motor vehicles, a truck and two motorcycle taxis burned.

The Isthmus of Tehuantepec Tepeyac Human Rights Center and Ikoots or Huaves community authorities Ikoots or Huaves denounced that said armed group allegedly sent by the municipal president of San Mateo del Mar, Bernardino Ponce Hinojosa, attacked the authorities of the municipal agency who maintained a checkpoint at the main entrance to the municipality as a sanitary measure against Coronavirus (COVID-19). The person who was killed was acting as a substitute for the municipal agent of Huazantlan del Rio.

The Tepeyac Center recalled that “the General Secretariat of the Government of the state of Oaxaca, since the beginning of 2020 has had knowledge of the complicated situation that the municipality is experiencing because as community authorities of the different municipal agencies of San Mateo del Mar, we have gone to the SEGEGO offices to request their intervention and, as always, they have ignored it.” It denounced that “Bernardino Ponce Hinojosa, since he took office, has done nothing more than intimidate the population with armed and hooded people who plague the municipality, in addition to giving himself the luxury of not dispatching in the municipal palace, but maintaining his offices and the council in the small community of La Reforma, from where he orders the harassment of our countrymen.”

Given what happened, the Tepeyac Human Rights Center demanded justice and “that the pertinent measures be taken to preserve the safety of the inhabitants of the agencies and of the Municipal capital to carry out their daily activities.” For its part, the Human Rights Defender of the People of Oaxaca issued precautionary measures for the people who live in that municipality.

More than armed aggression, some media presented the events as a confrontation deriving from the retention of a vehicle carrying musical instruments for the celebration of a party in the community of Laguna Santa Cruz, in the same municipality, by the residents who maintained the sanitary filter.

Although five municipal agencies, three communities and three neighborhoods of the municipality passed an agreement that the parties and celebrations would be suspended due to the pandemic, the residents and the municipal agent of Laguna Santa Cruz did not comply with this measure. They went to retrieve the vehicle, but were detained. The confrontation occurred when other inhabitants of Laguna Santa Cruz and the municipal agency La Reforma arrived at the scene to liberate them.

It should be remembered that since last year, in San Mateo del Mar, where a regulatory system prevails by uses and customs, a political conflict has continued because five of the eight municipal agencies, in addition to three neighborhoods and three communities, did not recognize Mayor Ponce Hinojosa, considering that there were irregularities in his election, so the city council offices were transferred to the Reforma neighborhood, where he is from.

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