Guerrero: Human Rights Defender Kenia Ines Hernandez Montalban Arrested


The Movement for the Freedom of Political Prisoners of the State of Guerrero (MOLPEG) denounced that, on the night of June 6th, human rights defender Kenia Ines Hernandez Montalban, a member of the Zapata Vive Collective, was detained together with three minors in the Hortaliza-Valle de Bravo toll booth in the state of Mexico.

Arturo Campos Herrera, a former political prisoner and member of MOLPEG, reported that Hernandez Montealban was transferred to the Chiconautla Social Readaptation Center, in the state of Mexico. He stated that the arrest, carried out by ministerial and municipal police, was an act of repression and impunity. The three minors were released on the night of June 7th.

The National Network of Human Rights Defenders in Mexico, ProDESC, CIMAC and IM-Defenders also detailed that two patrols of the Public Security of the State of Mexico participated with “eight more patrols, who carried out the arrest, violating due process.”

They recalled that, since 2019, Hernandez Montealban has been a beneficiary of the Federal Mechanism for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists.

For his part, the Attorney General of Justice of the State of Mexico reported that Hernandez Montalban was detained for her probable participation in the crime of violent robbery. He stated that “in collaboration with federal authorities for several months, an investigation was started on Kenya Ines N, and it was established that she apparently led a group of people from the State of Morelos who blocked the circulation of toll booths in that state and in Mexican territory; to allow passage they demanded money from the motorists.”

The Zeferino Ladrillero Human Rights Center demanded the immediate release of the Amuzga indigenous woman and reported that it will provide legal accompaniment to the accused.

The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) asked that due process be respected and guaranteed in the case, and its staff confirmed her physical condition and personal integrity.

For more information in Spanish:

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Detienen a Kenia Hernández en el Edomex; la acusan de robo con violencia (El Sur, 7 de junio de 2020)

CNDH pide un debido proceso contra activista detenida en el Estado de México (Animal Político, 8 de junio de 2020)

For more information from SIPAZ:

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National/International: UNO Presents Diagnostic of Protection Mechanism of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists (September 2, 2019)

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