Guerrero: HR Defender Kenia Hernanandez Conditionally Released


On June 11th, the human rights defender Kenia Ines Hernandez Montalban of the Colectivo Zapata Vive organization, was conditionally released after five days in prison. This day the constitutional extension hearing took place in a courtroom of Chiconautla prison, in which the judge determined that there is no need for the defender to remain in jail; however, he imposed precautionary measures such as the obligation to appear regularly in court and the prohibition to participate in demonstrations or protests.

Both the arrest and the release of the defender have provoked pronouncements by civil organizations and human rights groups, expressing concern about the criminalization of defenders such as Kenia Hernandez, demanding the unconditional release of the defender and more broadly a halt to the attacks and harassment against human rights defenders in the country.

However, on June 12th, the judge determined that Kenia Hernandez was linked to a trial for violent robbery and gave a period of one month to close the investigation period, which will expire on July 8th.

Esther Flores, from the Zeferino Ladrillero Center for Human Rights, the defender’s legal defense, affirmed that they do not agree with the judicial decision, reiterating that Kenia Hernandez was not present on the day of the charges, and hoped to prove her innocence.

It was on June 6th of this year that the defender, along with three minors who have been free since June 7th, were detained in the state of Mexico for their alleged participation in the crime of violent robbery.

For more information in Spanish:

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For more information from SIPAZ:

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