Oaxaca: After Four Years, Still No Justice for Nochixtlan Massacre


Four years have passed since the Nochixtlan massacre: on June 19th, 2016, the police removal of a blockade carried out in opposition to the educational reform of the Enrique Peña Nieto government left eight people dead and 198 wounded by firearms, a case that continues without progress.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a large part of the commemoration had to be carried out online. Through a video, the Secretary General of Section 22 (CNTE) Oaxaca, Eloy Lopez Hernandez, gave the message expressing that they continue to fight for justice for those who died in the massacre. They demand justice from the government and jail sentences for the guilty, and that there it is not forgiven or forgetten.

The Victims for Justice and Truth Committee “June 19” (COVIC) stated that “we have not only had to fight for those responsible to be investigated and punished, but we have also been forced to fight to be heard by the bodies of the administration and the administration of justice that have refused to bring to trial the criminals of the government of Peña Nieto and Gabino Cue [governor of Oaxaca at that time]. ”

It should be recalled that on June 19th, 2016, the government of Oaxaca requested support from the Federal Police to clear road blockades of teachers from the CNTE in Nochixtlan. It has been reported that even after the highway was unblocked, state and federal forces committed acts of repression in several surrounding towns. The investigation of these acts seeks to reveal the chain of command in order to find the high-ranking officials who were responsible for giving the order, which has been and continues to be a challenge.

For more information in Spanish:

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Mensaje del Secretario General de la Sección XXII a 4 años del crimen de lesa humanidad en Asunción Nochixtlán (CNTE, 19 de junio 2020)

Con divisiones, afectados conmemoran cuarto aniversario del fallido desalojo en Nochixtlán(El Proceso, 19 de junio 2020)

For more information from SIPAZ. 

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Oaxaca/National: CNDH Issues Recommendation for Seroius Human Rights Violations during Events in Nochixtlan on June 16th, 2016 (October 28, 2017)


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