Guerrero: 25th Anniversary of Aguas Blancas Massacre…No Justice

OCSS@Organizacion Campesina de la Sierra del Sur (OCSS)

On June 28th, various social organizations carried out the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Aguas Blancas massacre that occurred in Guerrero in 1995, when 17 campesinos from the Peasant Organization of the Sierra del Sur (OCSS) were assassinated by the police and state bailiffs.

The years of struggle for the quest for justice have given rise to recommendations by national and international bodies, however, the case continues without progress, those responsible are free and the families of the victims await justice. Despite the change in federal government two years ago, “the current government has no will to resolve things and deliver justice. The message of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of neither forgiving nor forgetting, today is the other way around, since it seems that the intention in his six-year term is that there is forgiveness and forgetfulness and we as organizations fight for the opposite”, expressed the current leader of the OCSS , Norma Mesino Mesino.

On June 28th, 2020, a small group of people gathered, due to the measures by the COVID-19 pandemic, who indicated that they will always be present to demand justice for their compañeros.

More information in Spanish:

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More information from SIPAZ:

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