Nacional/Guerrero: Remains of Christian Alfonso Rodriguez Telumbre of the Missing Ayotzinapa 43 Identified


On July 7th, the Special Unit for the Ayotzinapa Case of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) announced that they have identified the student teacher Christian Alfonso Rodriguez Telumbre, one of the 43 students victims of forced disappearance in Iguala in September 2014.

“This is undoubtedly a first-rate advance in the investigation. More than five years after the events, human remains belonging to one of the victims have been identified. This, in addition, was not dumped or found in the Cocula Dump, or in the San Juan River, according to the version that, publicly and judicially, the previous administration held … this is a new identification that breaks with the narrative of a lie that closed more possibilities to search and locate. Today we tell families and society that the right to the truth will prevail, the search for their children will continue and we will guarantee the right to justice”, the Head of the Unit for the Ayotzinapa case stated.

The identification was made by the Institute of the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and is so far the only identification of the six remains that were sent to the Institute for analysis by the Commission for Truth and Access to Justice in the Ayotzinapa case in March of this year.

After an analysis of the result by the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (EAAF), which ended on July 4th, they said in a statement that; “We these new investigations continue a real process. The EAAF will continue to work on the investigation with the families of the 43 students, their legal representatives and the Special Unit for the Ayotzinapa Case of the FGR.” The EAAF reported that these remains were found in a search in the La Carniceria ravine, Ejido de Cocula, a place that does not coincide with the original version of what occurred on September 26th and 27th almost six years ago.

The identification of the student “marks the beginning of a new route in the investigation, not only has the historical truth collapsed”, announced the Assistant Secretary for Human Rights, Alejandro Encinas, during a press conference on July 7th.

More information in Spanish:

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