Chiapas: Attacks against medical personnel continue in times of pandemic.

@ Chiapas Paralelo

In recent months, several attacks have been reported against medical personnel in the state of Chiapas as a result of the situation experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On July 12, two serious attacks were reported in Tuxtla: in the early hours of this day, a man crashed his car at the IMSS clinic number 13. After entering the emergency room, he demanded medical attention for his daughter. When he was not taken care of immediately, he began to attack doctors and nurses, finally getting into his private vehicle and crashing it against the doors of the clinic.

An assault was also reported in the early hours of the same day against Dr. Alejandra Natarén, on-call emergency doctor of the ISSSTE hospital for COVID cases. After denying a request for oxygen for a patient because she was unable to supply it at that time, she was beaten and kicked by the patient’s relatives. Due to the aggression she is at home recovering of her injuries. It should be said that there is a presence of the National Guard that protects the hospital, but they did nothing to stop the attack, the Cuarto Poder newspaper reported.

For more information (in Spanish):

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