National: Organizations Present Injunctions against “Militaristic” Agreement as Danger to Human Rights


On July 22nd, five civil society organizations filed legal appeals before the Federal Judicial Branch against the agreement issued on May 11th by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, considering that it violates the Mexican Constitution and puts human rights at risk.

“The Agreement violates the Mexican Constitution because it does not guarantee that the use of the Armed Forces in public security tasks is extraordinary, regulated, supervised, subordinate, and complementary; in addition to violating the international obligations that the Mexican State has acquired in the field of human rights”, the statement says.

The organizations Foundation for Justice and Democratic State of Law (Fundacion para la Justicia y el Estado Democratico de Derecho-FJEDD), Mexico United against Delinquency (Mexico Unido contra la Delincuencia-MUCD), Justice for Women (Equis Justicia para las Mujeres), the Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights (CMDPDH) and Intersecta (INTR) filed a series of injunctions that seek to reverse the decision of the federal government, which empowers the Armed Forces to participate in public security efforts.

Among the arguments used to justify their decision, they highlighted the high numbers of civilian deaths from elements of the Army and the impunity that accompanies them, the interventions by the Armed Forces in cases of massacres, as well as the high number of women raped by soldiers and sailors .

“The public security strategy based on militarization has plunged the country into a spiral of violence and a crisis of serious human rights violations. We need a model of citizen security that is committed to strengthening civil institutions and building peace”, they stressed in their statement, recalling that the evidence indicates that the militarization of public security has not only failed to decrease rates of violence, it has aggravated them.

In the injunction filed by the CMDPDH, the Judicial Power was requested to order the current president to issue a new agreement that considers “the parameters that guarantee that the operation of the Armed Forces will be extraordinary, regulated, supervised, subordinate and complementary, 2) the previous report before the Senate on the need to use the permanent Armed Forces; 3) the details of the plan for the return of the permanent Armed Forces to barracks after the end of the period indicated in the Agreement; finally, 4) the detailed exposition of the state of development of the National Guard – including its structure, capabilities, and territorial implantation.”

Under the hashtags #SeguridadSinGuerra and #MilitarizaciónNoEsPaz they finalized the statement, stressing their position in favor of a non-militarized, civil and pacifist perspective of the State and their task of guaranteeing the security of the population.

More information in Spanish:

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