Oaxaca: River Pollution from Cuzcatlan Mining Company Reported for Second Time

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In a press conference held on July 27th, the No to Mining for a Future of All Front denounced that the environmental impacts produced by the mining exploitation of Cuzcatlan, a subsidiary of Fortuna Silver Mines “have worsened in the Central Valleys, putting the water and the life of communities at risk” in this region. It reported that for the second time, in Magdalena Ocotlan, it was discovered that “a well for collecting rainwater built to recharge the aquifers presented a reddish coloring, and this well is located approximately 300 meters from the mining project plant.” A similar situation had occurred in October 2018. Faced with the new incident, they called for “an investigation in accordance with the law, making the results of the studies that have been carried out transparent in order to guarantee the right of access to public information and compensation for damage for communities affected by mining exploitation.”

The Front also warned of the fact that Cuzcatlan presented a new environmental permit for the continuation of mineral extraction in the Central Valleys to the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT). In the document, Cuzcatlan affirms that “… its operation does not pose a risk to any of the objects of conservation in these areas”, which is contrary to what is stated by the communities who say they have verified that “in recent years there has been irreparable damage to our environment, where water, the main liquid for our survival, has been contaminated twice.”

In its press release, the No to Mining Front once again expressed its rejection of any activity aimed at exploiting their common property. It recalled community decisions in this regard “expressed in our assemblies and acts of Prohibited Territory for Mining, which respect and resume current legislation at the municipal, state and federal levels.” It urged the authorities to “respect and protect our right to self-determination, autonomy, territory, health and a healthy environment,” by denying new permits.

For more information in Spanish:

Minera Cuzcatlán-Fortuna Silver Mines (FSM) contaminan agua en Valles Centrales por segunda ocasión (Boletín de prensa del 27 de julio de 2020)

Vídeo de la conferencia de prensa (EDUCA, 27 de julio de 2020)

Comunidades denunciaron que la minera Cuzcatlán-Fortuna Silves Mines continúa contaminando sus ríos (ADN Sureste, 27 de julio de 2020)

No más concesiones a minera Cuzcatlán, exige Magdalena Ocotlán (Tiempo digital, 27 de julio de 2020)

For more information from SIPAZ:

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Oaxaca: Profepa orders Cuzcatlán mining company urgent measures before spill of a mining dam in San Jose del Progreso (November 1, 2018)


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