National: Ex-head of PEMEX, Emilio Loyoza, Facing Corruption Charges

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 17AGOSTO2017.- Emilio Lozoya, ex director de PEMEX, en compañía de sus abogados Javier Coello Trejo y Javier Coello Zuarth, ofreció una conferencia para hablar sobre los señalamientos de que recibió sobornos de la empresa brasileña Odebrecht.FOTO: DIEGO SIMÓN SÁNCHEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM@AnimalPolitico

Emilio Loyoza Austin, former director of PEMEX during the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto, has remained at the center of public attention during the month of July, facing various charges for crimes of illicit resource operations, criminal association and bribery, in relation to the Agronitrogenados and Odebrecht cases.

Loyoza Austin was arrested in Spain last February, due to the accusations against him presented by the Attorney General of the Mexican Republic (FGR). He was extradited last July 16th after agreeing to undergo criminal proceedings in Mexico and to collaborate with the authorities.

On July 28th, the trial against the former director of PEMEX began, from the hospital where he has been for health reasons since his arrival in Mexico. The judge linked him to the process of the crime of operations with resources of illicit origin, and although he will remain in the hospital, precautionary measures were implemented: the surveillance of the Ministerial Police, the placement of an electronic tracking device and the confiscation of his passport.

Lozoya, from the beginning, has pleaded not guilty although he has indicated that he may have committed crimes unintentionally and under the orders of an “organized power apparatus,” the accused reported during the court hearing on July 28.

The President of the Republic, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has promoted the fight against corruption and impunity since the beginning of his administration, asked society to be aware of the case: “The call is for us to be very aware of the whole trial, that it is not just a matter of judicial courts, that it is a matter of a citizen and popular court”, he stated during the morning press conference on July 28th.

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