Chiapas: Attorney of Chiapas Accused of Fabrication of Crime against Indigenous Family in Dylan Case


The organizations Melel Xojobal, Redim and Colectiva Cereza accused the Chiapas State Attorney General’s Office at a press conference of having put on a “show” by detaining the Gomez Sanchez family to obscure the mistakes that were made in the Dylan case, the child kidnapped in the Merposur market in San Cristobal de Las Casas on June 30th. After he was missing for 45 days, Dylan was found alive on August 14th in Cintalapa.

The civil organizations stated that when the case was resolved, it became clear that the Chiapas Attorney General’s Office, headed by Jorge Luis Llaven Abarca, fabricated crimes against the Gomez Sanchez family. Four indigenous women and an older man, who allegedly committed suicide in prison, were arrested in mid-June on charges of the crime of trafficking children.

“We want to hold the Chiapas Prosecutor’s Office directly responsible for the integrity of the family and children, who are hostages of this act of human rights violations”, said Juan Perez Garcia, director of Redim in a conference via Zoom. “The Prosecutor’s Office put on a show and a spectacle with this family to try to justify the errors in the search for Dylan, but with the appearance of the child it is clear that this was a fabrication of guilt given the pressure felt in this case.”

The Gomez Sanchez family was accused of being part of a human trafficking network, but the 23 children they found in the house in San Cristobal de Las Casas are all from the same family. The children were taken to a state DIF shelter in Tuxtla Gutierrez. Although the grandparents of seven of these children have presented birth certificates to take them home, the DIF did not want to give them to them.

The organizations Melel Xojobal, Redim and Colectiva Cereza alerted about injustices in this case from the beginning and held the Chiapas Prosecutor’s Office responsible for the arbitrariness committed against the members of the family.

“We want to denounce the systematic and mafia actions of the State Attorney General’s Office, the arbitrary detention, torture, the manufacture of investigation files that serve to hide arbitrary detentions and the criminalization of indigenous families”, the Cereza Collective denounced.

For more information in Spanish:

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