National: National Guard without Civilians or Police

@Animal Politico

On August 17th, Animal Politico news program revealed that most of the elements of the National Guard (GN), which according to law should be a civilian public security institution, are not composed of civilians or policemen, but rather by military personnel transferred from the armed forces.

A report from the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection obtained by the newscast, dated July 16th, reveals that the more than 29 thousand new members of the GN have been recruited by the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) and the Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR): they are “elements of the armed forces that the secretariats of National Defense and the Navy have been in charge of recruiting, training and hiring on their own,” Animal Polotico explains, highlighting the null direct recruitment by the National Guard.

In addition, new recruits do not comply with the police evaluation required by law. “Only 0.3% have approved trust control exams, and not a single one has a police certificate despite being, according to article 26 of the National Guard Law, an ‘entry requirement’”, it explained.

Another piece of information that the report reveals is that the few elements of the 90,000 that make up the GN that come from police corporations are only 26,376 people who were transferred from the previous Federal Police.

“It is a mockery of the law”, says security expert Alejandro Hope, because, in Law 25, “it is indicated as a requirement to enter the GN ‘to be functionally separated from their armed institution of origin'”, however the reality is that most of the elements in the institution are on the payroll of the armed forces.

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