Guerrero: Relatives of Disappeared March Demanding Truth, Justice and Reparations


On September 2nd, members of various groups that make up the Guerrero Front for our Disappeared marched in Chilpancingo to demand truth, justice and reparation for damages from the federal and state governments in the cases of more than 600 missing persons in the state.

Guadalupe Rodriguez Narcisos, from the Collective of Parents and Relatives of the Disappeared, Kidnapped and Murdered in the State of Guerrero and the Country, commented that at national level there is an agreement so that every first Wednesday of the month “we go out on a march to demand memory, truth and justice, and guarantees of non-repetition.” Around 50 protesters demanded an end to the continuing disappearances in the country, highlighting that in Guerrero alone between five and ten people are deprived of their freedom every day.

Regarding the declaration of competence of the UN Committee against Forced Disappearances (CFD) that was approved by the Senate on September 1st, Guadalupe Rodriguez Narcisos expressed that they see it as a positive step for the groups, “because if the country does not have the ability to administer justice, an international body must be allowed to support society”, ReplicaGuerrero reported.

More informtion in Spanish:

Marchan en Guerrero colectivos de familiares de desaparecidos (La Jornada, 2 de septiembre)

Marchan familiares de desaparecidos en Guerrero (Reforma, 2 de septiembre)

Marchan en Chilpancingo para exigir justicia por desaparecidos (Quadratin Guerrero, 2 de septiembre)

Marchan en Chilpancingo familiares de desaparecidos (ReplicaGuerrero, 2 de septiembre)

More information from SIAPZ: 

National: Mexico Accepts UN Intervention in Forced Disappearance Cases – AMLO (August 28, 2020)
Guerrero/National: Parents Ayotzinapa 43 Meet AMLO (August 16, 2020)
Guerrero: Family of Arnulfo Ceron Submit over 110 000 Signatures to Demand Justice (August 16, 2020)

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