Chiapas: CNDH Issues Precautionary Measures for Four Women Arrested in Dylan Case

Photo: Chiapasparalelo

On September 9th, the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) reported that it had issued precautionary measures in favor of four women from an indigenous family, deprived of liberty in Chiapas, given the possibility of serious violations of their rights, reason for which it decided to take on the investigation.

The precautionary measures issued were directed to the Governor of the State of Chiapas, Rutilio Escandon Cadenas, as well as to the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection of that state, “with the purpose of safeguarding the physical and psychological integrity of four indigenous women who are being held in different prisons.”

The women benefited are Juana Montejo Gonzalez, Maria Hortensia Gomez Sanchez and Maribel Gomez Santiz, inmates at the Social Reintegration Center Number 14, “El Amate”, as well as Josefa Sanchez Gomez, held in the Social Reintegration Center Number 5, of San Cristobal de las Casas.

The four women were arrested as part of the search for the disappearance of the boy Dylan Esau Gomez Perez in June and were accused of being part of a child trafficking network. In an operation, 23 children were found, who turned out to be their children and grandchildren. Josefa Sanchez Gomez’s husband was also arrested and died, supposedly by suicide, in San Cristobal prison. Still clarifying the family bond between the children and the detainees, the State Prosecutor’s Office has decided to keep the investigation open.

Through the precautionary measures granted, the CNDH asked the state authorities to “guarantee the fundamental rights to life, human dignity, food, health, personal and psychological integrity, legal security, due process and the presumption of innocence; as well as respect for their cultural specificities; prohibit their solitary confinement, avoid acts of intimidation and torture, in addition to allowing them to exercise their right to confinement in the penitentiary closest to their home.”

For more information in Spanish:

CNDH emite Medidas Cautelaresen favor de cuatro mujeres indígenas privadas de la libertad en el Estado de Chiapas, CNDH, 9 de septiembre de 2020

Emiten medidas cautelares a 4 mujeres indígenas, Chiapasparalelo, 9 septiembre de 2020

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