National/International: REDODEM Presents “Migrations in Mexico: Borders, Omissions and Transgressions” Report

At a press conference held on September 29th, the Documentation Network of Migrant Defense Organizations (REDODEM) presented its seventh annual Report entitled “Migrations in Mexico: Borders, Omissions and Transgressions,” which, the Network explained, has as objective “to make visible and characterize the diversity of people and mobility flows that come to the spaces that make up the NETWORK in order to show the national reality, as well as the region, which are configured as the scenario where multiple mobilities converge caused due to inequities, precariousness and violence historically caused by players who seek to be in power, generate resources and control the transit of legal and illegal merchandise.”

The report reveals that in 2019, the members of the Network registered more than 27 thousand migrants with heterogeneous profiles. They denounced “once again, the critical situation of violence, insecurity and legal uncertainty faced by people in a situation of mobility in Mexico.”

A change noted is that compared to previous reports, REDODEM pointed out that “although Mexico ranks second in 2019, the gap between the United States and Mexico as a destination country is narrowing” and added that “Mexico, as a territory of diverse mobility, becomes, because of an increasingly complex mobility context, an option for settlement, by decision or resignation.”

Among other findings, it pointed out the lack of dignified conditions in the Migratory Stations; physical or verbal attacks at the time of arrest; the prevalence of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, as the main countries of origin from which most of the people in a situation of mobility come; the fact that most of them are men (83.91%) and are between 18 and 35 years old; the fact that State agents continue to be identified as perpetrators of crimes such as kidnapping or robbery. It also reported that boys, girls and adolescents (BGA) represented 15.3% of the total population in a mobility situation not born in Mexico. Of them, 32% did it unaccompanied. “Although there are some mentions of the National Guard, its foray into containing the migratory flow took place in mid-2019, so its actions during 2020 will have to be closely watched”,it also declared.

REDODEM ratified its position: “all people have the right to move freely or not if they wish, whether this movement involves crossing one or more geo-political borders or not. The function of the Mexican State must be to provide the necessary conditions so that the right of people to free mobility is given in dignified and safe conditions. To do this, we consider that the current administration should focus its efforts towards the formal and material construction of a congruent migration policy with people as its center and with a focus on the promotion, respect, protection and guarantee of human rights for people in a mobility situation.” It put forward a series of more specific recommendations to the Mexican authorities, including the call to “Avoid punitive and containment actions that pose potential human rights violations in their actions” or “Create spaces for dialogue with civil society organizations, academics and migration specialists to prepare proposals for comprehensive care.”

For more information in Spanish:

Presentación del informe de REDODEM 2019 (Video, REDODEM, 29 de septiembre de 2020)

REDODEM presenta su 7º Informe 2019 “Migraciones en México:fronteras, omisiones y transgresiones” (Boletín de prensa, 29 de septiembre de 2020)

Informe completo “Informe 2019: Migraciones en México: fronteras, omisiones y transgresiones” (REDODEM, 29 de septiembre de 2020)

México se ha convertido en opción para migrantes, dicen organismos de DD.HH. (EFE, 29 de septiembre de 2020)

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