Guerrero: Mothers and Fathers of the 43 Demand Trial for Captain Crespo in Ayotzinapa Case


On November 16th, mothers and fathers of the 43 students who disappeared from the Ayotzinapa Rural Normal School in 2014 held an online press conference entitled “Position on the arrest of Captain Jose Martinez Crespo” in which they demanded a formal prison order and that the captain is prosecuted.

Through the Facebook page of La Montaña Tlachinollan Human Rights Center, several mothers and fathers of the 43 expressed their concern live about the possibility of releasing the Captain. They asked the judge in charge of the case to apply the law as it should be and to review the evidence well “as his responsibility for the disappearance of our children is clear.”

They described various pieces of evidence of the participation of Captain Crespo by being present at the time of the events and because “he was in contact with the soldiers and through the C4 who followed directly our children since their arrival in Iguala, therefore, he learned in real time the aggressions that students suffered without doing anything to prevent it.”

They demanded that the Secretariat of National Defense “respect the promise of the President of the Republic not to cover up anyone and not obstruct the investigations, this institution must be clear that elements attached to the 27th Infantry Battalion are involved in the aggression against our children and therefore must contribute by making the actions of the soldiers on the night of September 26th transparent and making available to the Special Prosecutor’s Office and the Commission for Truth and Access to Justice all the evidence it has related to the case.”

It is worth mentioning that Jose Martinez Crespo surrendered to the authorities on November 12th, accused of organized crime and for links to the disappearances of the 43 students, but his lawyer affirmed that the captain has not committed any crime related to the case.

More information in Spanish:

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More information from SIAPZ:

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