Oaxaca: Over 2,000 Cases of Violence against Women under Murat Government

©SIPAZ 2020

On November 30th, the Oaxaca Consortium for Parliamentary Dialogue and Equity reported that “2,344 cases of violence against women have been documented on the Platform for Feminicidal Violence in Oaxaca” so far under the government of Alejandro Murat, governor of the state. 

According to the organization, in the four years of the Murat government, “1,005 women have been reported as missing in local media, compared to 121 cases registered in the same period of government of Gabino Cue, which represents a percentage increase of 730% under the present administration.” However, they state that these figures do not represent the reality of feminicidal violence in the state, mainly because they are not reported in the bodies of the Oaxaca State Attorney General’s Office, but they reflect “simulating, disregarding and denying government that maintains impunity against the pain and the demand for justice by the families of the victims of femicidal violence in Oaxaca […]” 

For its part, the “Rosario Castellanos” Group of Studies on Women (GES Mujer) reported that so far in 2020, “94 women have been murdered in the state of Oaxaca”, four only this weekend. In addition, the transfemicide of Geovanna A. R., 27, whose body was located in Santiago Suchilquitongo, is added. 

In this sense, GES Mujer, considered that these discriminatory expressions “materialize in hate crimes, serious violations of human rights for reasons related to sexual orientation.” In addition, according to the Center for Support to Trans Identities, “in ten years, from 2007 to 2017, a total of 422 murders committed against trans people were recorded in the country, of which 19 took place in Oaxaca.”

For more information in Spanish:

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Encuentran sin vida a Geovanna, mujer trans desaparecida en Oaxaca (El Universal, 2 de diciembre de 2020)

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