International/National: NGOs Report Crimes against Asylum Seekers in US to FGR

@fundación justicia

On December 16th, the Foundation for Justice and the Democratic State of Law (FJED) and the Institute for Women in Migration (IMUMI) filed a criminal complaint with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) about the crimes suffered by asylum seekers in the US within the Migrant Protection Program. 

The complaint is based on the fact that the “Mexican State has failed to fulfill its capacity as guarantor with a population that has also been fleeing from danger, that fears for their life and safety and that is why they are requesting asylum in the USA, and has placed them, as has been manifested in places where there is great insecurity and that the US State Department has even recommended to its own citizens through alerts, not to go due to the degree of violence and insecurity that exists in those states.”

The day before, the investigation report “In the Lion’s Den. Context of Risk and Human Rights Violations of People Subject to the Stay in Mexico Program”, prepared by the two organizations Asylum Access Mexico and the Washington Office on Latin America – WOLA. 

It documents a series of human rights violations suffered by the more than 68,000 asylum seekers in the United States of America (USA) who have been sent to Mexico to await the resolution of their cases before the US courts: “Precarious conditions , insecurity, lack of access to health services and employment, kidnappings, extortion, forced disappearance and murders”, it says. 

“The US sent us into the lion’s den. ’If you want to live in this neighborhood, you have to pay us. They repeatedly beat us, took our clothes off and raped us. Women who have a nice body, they take them away and they can’t be found’”, one of the testimonies in the report says. 

It should be remembered that since 2019 the “Stay in Mexico” Program obliges asylum seekers in the United States (US) to wait in Mexico while they resolve their immigration procedures.

For more information in Spanish:

Informe completo

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