Oaxaca: Hospitals Saturated – Government Asked to Move to Red Light and Lockdown Non-essential Sectors

@La Jornada

On January 15th, more than 20 Medical Associations called on the three levels of government for “the implementation of the epidemiological red light and the confinement of non-essential sectors for 30 days” in Oaxaca, this given the increase in cases, the saturation of hospitals and the collapse of the health system in the state. 

In a document sent to Governor Alejandro Murat Hinojosa, to the head of Health Services, Donato Casas Escamilla, as well as to the municipal president of the capital, Oswaldo Garcia Jarquin, the Medical Associations highlight “the irresponsible attitude of you as authorities by prioritizing politicking and the economy over public health.”

On January 14, the state reached the peak of hospitalizations since the beginning of the pandemic, leaving 13 state hospitals at 100% of their total occupation. In addition, there is a  lack of personnel and paramedics as well as an increase in infections within the same sector. “According to official figures, so far among said medical and paramedical personnel there are 4,777 confirmed cases of COVID-19.”

In addition, 12 bar associations and bars requested urgent measures from the state government to contain contagion, including “not authorizing social events or allowing them, including mass actions by political parties (that are enlisting in the electoral contest), and inviting the business sector to join in the prevention and avoid contagions through the reduction of hours and strict control in the influx of people who enter their businesses.”

For its part, Servicios del Pueblo Mixe A.C demanded that the authorities “provide comprehensive health care in the communities and indigenous peoples” and pointed out that the state continues to show an orange light despite reports of saturation in hospitals. In this sense, they mentioned that the data records 31,596 cases of COVID-19 “but it does not include all the cases of people who face this disease from their homes for fear of not finding space in health institutions and because the conditions to transfer them to hospitals do not exist.”

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