National: Intellectuals and Activists Announce New Collective against Megaprojects, “The Time of the Peoples Has Come”


In a statement published on February 1st, intellectuals and activists – among them Juan Villoro, Pablo Gonzalez Casanova, Fernanda Navarro, Juan Carlos Rulfo and Sylvia Marcos – announced the creation of the collective “The Time of the Peoples Has Come”, to confront a context that they consider “of multiple violence against the peoples, due to the continuity of the process of recolonization of the territories, through mega-projects, militarization and paramilitarization.”

They reported that the group will seek to support the National Indigenous Congress (CNI), the Indigenous Government Council (CIG) and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) by “accompanying the actions of these peoples in defense of life, with peace, justice and dignity.”

The group will be made up of Pablo Gonzalez Casanova, Jorge Alonso Sanchez, Arturo Anguiano, Alicia Castellanos Guerrero, Carolina Coppel, Luis de Tavira, Raul Delgado Wise, Servando Gaja, Magdalena Gomez, Antonio Griton, Carlos Lopez Beltran, Gilberto Lopez and Rivas, Sylvia Marcos, Margara Millan, Francisco Morfín Otero, Fernanda Navarro, Mercedes Olivera Bustamante, Raul Romero, Juan Carlos Rulfo, Maria Eugenia Sanchez, Juan Villoro and Barbara Zamora

For more information in Spanish:

Nace «Llegó la hora de los Pueblos», colectivo contra megaproyectos integrado por Juan Villoro, Fernanda Navarro y Pablo González Casanova(Desinformémonos, 1ero de febrero de 2021)

Crean colectivo en contra de los megaproyectos de la 4T (El Universal, 1ero de febrero de 2021)

Anuncian intelectuales nuevo colectivo contra megaproyectos (Contralínea, 1ero de febrero de 2021)

Anuncian intelectuales nuevo colectivo contra megaproyectos (Dossier político, 1ero de febrero de 2021)

For more information from SIPAZ:

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