Guerrero: Death of Fr. Mario Campos, Promoter and Founder of CRAC-PC

On February 11th, Mixtec priest Mario Campos Hernandez, parish priest of Xalpatláhuac in the municipality of Tlapa, Guerrero, a victim of COVID-19, died. He was a promoter of the community assemblies that gave rise to the Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities – Community Police (CRAC-PC) in 1995, “due to the failure of the attempt to coordinate with the Public Ministry of San Luis Acatlan to arrest those who committed robberies. Instead of supporting, they released them”, according to Abel Barrera Hernndez, director of La Montaña Tlachinollan Human Rights Center. 

“Mario helped people a lot to recover their customs, to remember how grandparents administered justice, and in this context the CRAC emerged, based on the normative system of indigenous peoples, which in the Costa-Montaña region they baptized as community police”, added the director of Tlachinollan. 

He also participated in the formation of the Union of Peoples and Organizations of the State of Guerrero (UPOEG), in 2011 and in the promotion of liberation theology and indigenous theology; participated as an interpreter in the community and as manager so that in Tototepec a civil registration module was installed, as well as the creation of “a branch of the National Pedagogical University (UPN), in the Me’phaa town of El Rincon, to professionalize teachers who did not have training.”

With the death of the parish priest, there are now 12 priests who died in the state as a result of the pandemic, in addition to other cases of contagion.

For more infoemation in Spanish:

Fallece por Covid-19 el sacerdote Mario Campos, promotor de las asambleas comunitarias. (El Sur de Acapulco, 11 de febrero de 2021)

Muere por Covid-19 el cura Mario Campos, fundador de la CRAC-PC y la UPOEG(La Jornada, 12 de febrero de 2021)

Doce sacerdotes han fallecido por la pandemia en Guerrero (El Sol de Acapulco, 11 de febrero de 2021)

BOLETÍN| Padre Mario Campos, fundador de la CRAC-PC (Tlachinollan, 11 de febrero de 2021)

For more information from SIPAZ:

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