Chiapas: Las Abejas de Acteal Civil Society Rejects Militarization and Megaprojects and Condemns Murders of HR Activists

@ Sipaz

On February 22nd, the Civil Society Organization Las Abejas de Acteal issued a statement to remember, as every month, the massacre committed in that community in 1997, to demand justice from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), as well as to express their rejection of militarization and violence in the state.

The document reads: “Chiapas, Chiapas is not a barracks, army out!” recalling the militarization that they have seen growing in their territories since 1994, not only to monitor and harass the Zapatista territories, but also to cause evictions, violence, assassinations and more in the communities. Today, the organization says, under different uniforms such as the Public Security, State Police, Federal Preventive Police, Judicial Police and now the National Guard, “those armed forces of the bad government only come to our territories to sow fear among those who defend their land and its communities against the interests of the powerful.”

They also spoke about the government, which intends, through the territorial reorganization of the country, to benefit the interests of “big capital”, the pollution it generates in rivers, the threats to the inhabitants of territories where open-pit mining is imposed, “the division, dispossession and destruction of our communities.” Faced with this, they mentioned the cases of Samir Flores, Fidel Heras and other defenders as examples of the reality suffered by human rights defenders who, facing militarization and megaprojects “run the risk of being disappeared, assassinated, kidnapped or imprisoned”, as well as the injustices experienced by, for example, the Tzeltal indigenous people of Chilon who were imprisoned for opposing the construction of the National Guard barracks.

Finally, they made an invitation to participate in actions against militarization promoted by the women of the organization to “strengthen us together on this path of building life, truth and justice”, they said.

For more information in Spanish:

Comunicado: 16 de febrero se cumplieron 25 años de la firma de los traicionados Acuerdos de San Andrés, donde integrantes de nuestra organización de Las Abejas se rotaron durante los meses que duraron las negociaciones. (Sociedad Civil Las Abejas de Acteal, 22 de febrero de 2021)

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