National: EU Ambassadors Concerned by Electricity Reform

@Greenpeace Mexico

After the approval by the Senate of the modifications to the Electricity Industry Law on March 2nd, and in the framework of a virtual meeting, ambassadors of the European Union (EU) expressed their concern to MORENA senators about said reform which they consider will encourage the use of dirty energy and that it could lead to a tangle of international arbitrations.

Jean Pierre Bou, Chargé d’Affaires of the European Delegation in Mexico highlighted the lack of a broad discussion regarding the reforms: “We feel that the law has been adopted quickly and would have merited a broader discussion”, he stated. He also considered that Mexico should continue “taking advantage of the potential of clean energy”“that there are many European companies outside the energy sector that are also opting for clean energy.”

Lars Steen Nielsen, Ambassador of Denmark, commented on positive experiences with clean energy in his country and declared that Mexico “could be one of the most benefited from the use of renewable energy.” The ambassador of Spain, Juan Lopez Doriga, clarified that “no one here is discussing Mexico’s sovereign right to dictate its energy policy, what causes us problems is that this change is going to be retroactive.”

The president of the Senate Energy Commission, Rocio Abreu, responded that the reform does not violate the Paris Agreement on environmental matters. She also commented that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) will give preference to the use of energy, “which is not to create a monopoly”, but “to defend national sovereignty.” Senator Ricardo Monreal assured the Ambassadors “Do not worry about investments: they are protected by law and with legal security.” Senator Alejandro Armenta Mier also asked the countries to “approach Mexico with the intention of investing, but ceasing to see the nation as a territory of conquest.”

On the same day, foreign and Mexican companies filed injunctions against the Electricity Industry Law. It should also be mentioned that several environmental and civil society organizations have expressed their concerns about said reform.

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