Chiapas: “Stop Paramilitary Violence in San Antonio Bulujib”- CNI Communiqué


On March 15th, the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) published a statement entitled “STOP PARAMILITARY VIOLENCE IN SAN ANTONIO BULUJIB, CHILON, CHIAPAS” in which it warned about the imminent reactivation of violence against CNI compañeras and compañeros in said place, who are being “threatened with dispossession and forced displacement due to the government’s inability to resume and resume the dialogue process that began in March of last year.”

The communiqué addressed to the People of Mexico, to the networks of resistance and rebellion, to the La Sexta national and international, to the media, human rights organizations and organizations in defense of the territory and Mother Earth indicated that the violence and harassment against compañeros in the community of San Antonio Bulujib, Chilon, are permanent and ongoing. It stated that since February 23rd of last year they have been suffering a series of violations of their human rights for having placed a sign within the framework of the WE ARE ALL SAMIR DAY.

It denounced the systematic violation of human rights by the community authorities, “who, in addition to the disproportionate use of force, injuries, kidnapping, imprisonment of men, women and children, harassment and attempted rape, threaten to evict and take away the lands of the families that are members of the CNI if they do not pay a fine that they arbitrarily decided.”

The statement held the three levels of government responsible for the physical, psychological and material integrity of the CNI compañeros. It pointed to the municipal president of Chilon Carlos Ildefonso Jimenez Trujillo “for his instigation and protection of the ejido authorities, the head of the state executive Rutilio Escandon and the head of the federal executive Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, for his negligence in this case.”

Finally, it called for solidarity and to be attentive to the imminent aggression that they could suffer.

For more information in Spanish:


CNI pide intervención de autoridades tras amenazas a sus integrantes en Chilón (ChiapasParalelo, 15 de marzo de 2021)

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