Guerrero: 800 People Displaced by Violence in Coyuca de Catalan

@El Sol de Acapulco

On March 9th, the displacement of around 800 residents of the 1,600 that make up the 32 communities of the Guajes de Ayala ejido was reported, due to the violence from criminal groups in the mountains of the municipality of Coyuca de Catalan.

The ejido secretary of Guajes de Ayala, Javier Hernandez, called on the undersecretary of Human Rights, Population and Migration of the Ministry of the Interior, Alejandro Encinas Rodriguez, to see to the displacement of people due to threats from criminal groups. The ejido secretary also pointed out the situation regarding the people who did not manage to flee and who were trapped: “that is why we want to attend to those who remained in the 32 communities of the ejido. It is a serious problem. Our human rights are being violated”, he declared.

In videos that circulated on social networks of a group of about 30 women with children, it is denounced that the roads are besieged by criminals and that they were trapped and that food is beginning to become scarce, for which they asked for the support of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to guarantee their safety. They also demanded the presence of the National Guard in their localities.

On February 25th, residents in the area reported a confrontation between residents of Hacienda de Dolores, municipality of Coyuca de Catalan, and members of the criminal group La Familia Michoacana, which left eight alleged assassins dead and two women kidnapped.

On March 11th, members of the Army, the National Guard and Guerrero Police personnel indicated that the roads are already controlled by the security forces, but that the residents have not yet returned out of fear.

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