Guerrero/National: Protection Mechanism Recognizes Violence against Defenders and Journalists in La Montaña

In a statement published on May 4th, the Governing Board of the Mechanism for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists expressed its concern at the situation of violence that prevails in the region of Tlapa, Montaña de Guerrero and “particularly against the conditions faced for the exercise of the defense of human rights and journalism, even for those who have protection measures provided by this Mechanism.”

It explained that “throughout the month of April there were various risk incidents that range from the blocking of communication channels, stalking, harassment by authorities, digital harassment, harassment when covering journalistic stories, even threats against physical integrity and freedom to exercise their activities.”

For this reason, it reiterated its recognition “of the importance of the work of defense of human rights and journalism, as essential elements for the construction of democratic life in the country, highlighting the important work of journalists, defenders and defenders in Tlapa de Comonfort, Guerrero.”

It once again expressed the Federation’s disposition “to collaborate with the state and municipal governments in order to see to, in the exercise of the powers of each order of government, the causes that give rise to situations that violate the exercise of the defense of human rights. and journalism in the region.”

Finally, it added that they are awaiting “the situation in La Montaña, Guerrero, so that the defense of human rights and freedom of expression is are guaranteed.”

For more information in Spanish:

Comunicado en relación con la situación que prevalece para personas defensoras de derechos humanos y periodistas, en la Montaña de Guerrero(Mecanismo para la protección de personas defensoras de derechos humanos y periodistas, 4 de mayo de 2021)

Preocupa a Mecanismo de Protección violencia en Tlapa (Quadratin, 4 de mayo de 2021)

Gobierno de México dice estar preocupado por las violaciones a los derechos humanos que se vive en la montaña de Guerrero (Somos el medio, 5 de mayo de 2021)

For more information from SIPAZ:

Guerrero: Tlachinollan Launches “Sea of Grievances, Mountain of Ruptures” Campaign (April 26, 2021)

GUERRERO: “Como una noche sin estrellas”. Presentación del XXVI Informe de Tlachinollan (December 8, 2020)

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