Guerrero: Civil Organizations Highlight Violence and Impunity in La Montaña


On May 11th and 12th, an observation mission was carried out by national and international organizations in response to the situation of violence in the Montaña de Guerrero region, given the concern about the lack of attention to cases of disappearance, gender violence and impunity in the punishment of those responsible that prevails in the Montaña Alta region of Guerrero.

Given the testimonies of families of disappeared persons, victims of gender violence and human rights defenders and journalists who were heard, the organizations declared that they had noticed “a serious lack of attention on the part of public institutions to the situation of structural violence that is experienced in the region, the lack of effective protection measures for victims of human rights violations and defenders, as well as measures for victim care.”

In addition, they asserted that the situation and problems have deepened during the COVID-19 pandemic “due to the closure of public institutions, the reduction in staff and budget of the various public agencies that address these problems, as well as the measures of confinement that have exacerbated gender violence in the region.”

Given this, the participating organizations asked the federal, state and municipal authorities to: 

1. “Implement measures to prevent violence against women and attacks on human rights defenders and journalists.”

2. “That adequate protection measures be provided both for victims of human rights violations and for defenders and journalists, which we consider necessary to be carried out by the Mechanism for the Protection of Defenders and Journalists of the Ministry of the Interior given the defense work they carry out to fight against impunity in their cases.”

3. “That the structural problems of disappearance of persons and femicides be addressed, for which it is necessary that prompt, impartial and exhaustive investigations be carried out so that the victims have access to truth and justice.”

4. “That they carry out actions tending to reverse the violence that prevails in La Montaña of Guerrero”

5. “That there be public recognition of the work of human rights defenders, especially those victims who have transcended their pain to fight against impunity.”

The mission was carried out within the framework of the campaign for life “Sea of ​​Grievances, Mountain of Ruptures” organized by the Tlachinollan Mountain Human Rights Center. The National Network of Civil Human Rights Organizations “All Rights for All” (Red TDT); Fundar, the Center for Analysis and Research C.A.; Assessment Services for Peace C.A. (SERAPAZ), ARTICLE 19; Peace Brigades International-Mexico (PBI) and the Espacio OSC participated.

For more information in Spanish: 


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Conferencia de Prensa (Facebook Tlachinollan, 12 de mayo de 2021)

For more information from SIPAZ: 

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