Oaxaca: “Hijas de la Sandunga” Collective Threatened for Accompanying Women Victims of Violence


On June 29th, the feminist group Hijas de la Sandunga, which provides accompaniment to women victims of violence on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, denounced that its members have been victims of harassment and threats, for participating in an activity to out stalkers and harassers.

In the activity carried out on June 25th on the occasion of Orange Day, victims of economic, sexual, patrimonial, physical and psychological violence exhibited at least 50 photographs of people whom they identified as their aggressors. The complaint tenders are protest actions that were adopted throughout the country as of 2018 against the permissibility of educational institutions and against impunity in cases of sexual harassment and abuse committed against students.

In this sense, they became a tool, on the one hand, to highlight and denormalize violence within schools, and on the other hand, to demand that government agencies guarantee women a life free of violence by addressing formal complaints.

Allied collectives such as Mujeres de la Sal, Marea Verde Oaxaca, among others, expressed solidarity with the defenders of the Isthmus in the face of threats and attacks against them.

Hijas de la Sandunga, identifies itself as a collective of feminist women living in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec “that seeks to create a safe and comfortable space for all women who need it (…) Our goal is to provide timely, reliable and truthful information to achieve the denaturalization of violence and begin the path to deconstruction.”

For more information in Spanish:

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For more information from SIPAZ:

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