Chiapas/International: New EZLN Communiqué – “The Extemporaneous and a National Initiative”

In a communiqué published on July 16th, Sub-commander Moises of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) announced that 177 Zapatista delegates, including himself, will travel by air to Europe to join the Journey for Life. However, he denounced that 62 of them still do not have a passport due to the bureaucratic procedures of the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE). He announced that they will move to Mexico City so that “the SRE tells us, face to face and in public, that we have no rights because we are “extemporaneous.”” In fact, the airborne company that will be used was christened “La Extemporanea” for the same reason: “As we saw in the dictionaries, ‘extemporaneous’ means ‘that it is inopportune, inconvenient’ or ‘that it is inappropriate for the time it happens.’ Never before have they defined us so adequately”, he stated.

Sub-commander Moises added that the company is made up of “Listening and Word” groups, which will carry the history of the Zapatista struggle from the years prior to the uprising; a women’s soccer team made up of 36 militiawomen who identify themselves by the name of “Ixchel Ramona”; six girls and boys named “Little Doves Commando”, from the group “Play and Mischief”; and the group coordinating the trip that will organize and reinforce the Zapatista groups to be spread across five areas of the European continent and will serve the media.

He also explained that a delegation from the National Indigenous Congress of the Indigenous Government Council (CNI-CIG) will travel, made up of ten indigenous people of the original Mayan, Popoluca, Biniza, Purhepecha, Raramuri, Otomi, Naayeri / Wixarika and Nahua languages; as well as three militants from the People’s Front in Defense of Land and Water from Tlaxcala, Puebla and Morelos.

Finally, he announced that a new national Zapatista initiative will soon be announced, to which the CNI-CIG, the La Sexta Nacional, the Resistance and Rebellion Networks, non-governmental organizations for the defense of human rights, groups of victims of violence, relatives of victims of disappearance and related, as well as artists and intellectuals will be invited. It will occur within the framework of the so-called “Popular Consultation” on August 1st.

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