Chiapas/National: Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Makes Statement on Self-defense Groups

@El Universal

During his morning press conference on July 20th, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador acknowledged that there are pending issues in terms of security, but clarified that he is not in favor of people arming themselves and forming groups to confront crime “because that does not give results. and sometimes criminals infiltrate these groups (…) [or] this situation is used to protect or cover up criminals.”

He declared that these armed expressions are “a harmful product of the time when war was declared on criminal gangs”, but in no case is it accepted that groups are armed to “face a supposed situation of insecurity.” He stressed that it could instead be a political confrontation.

He also commented that the Ministry of the Interior is analyzing the emergence of the self-defense group in Pantelho, Chiapas, as well as the origin of their weapons.

Regarding this case, he stated, “they do not use that as an excuse, they do not say: there is a lot of insecurity, then then we have to arm ourselves, because there are two things: or it is a political issue, of cacique power in a region, struggle of factions, of political groups, caciques, without ideals, without principles, without the purpose of helping the people, but of having power; or delinquency.”

He ended by reiterating that the government must apply itself so that there is peace and tranquility in the country.

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