Chiapas: Remains of Simon Pedro, Ex-leader of Las Abejas, Exhumed against Wishes of Family

@La Jornada

Las Abejas civil organization has condemned the exhumation of the body of its former leader, Simon Pedro Perez Lopez, who was murdered on July 5th, in order for a necropsy to be performed, at the request of the defense of the alleged perpetrator, Hugo Rolando “N” and due to “pressure” from the justice authorities.

Through a statement, the organization pointed out that it is a practice “totally alien and disrespectful” in Tsotsil culture, to disinter the body “to perform a legal autopsy and thus confirm that he died from the impacts of firearms.”

In addition, they stated that “it is absurd for the lawyer to ask for evidence on the grounds that Simon Pedro died of a serious illness that he suffered before being injured by the bullets or because they did not give him first aid”, even though it is known that the human rights defender received at least two shots in the head, which his attacker shot from behind “and who was following and monitoring him during the day, before shooting him.”

The members of the association pointed out that “due to the pressure of the justice system of the bad Mexican government, the family of our colleague and brother Simon had to accept with pain and indignation because otherwise they would release the aforementioned murderer, by using the laws of the bad government.”

They denounced the slowness of the justice system through the Chiapas Prosecutor’s Office, and remarked that this is the case “when it is a case of an indigenous person who is poor, who is a defender of human rights and life and especially if he fights against the system of bad government and the rich and powerful.”

Faced with this situation, they demand that the Mexican government “do justice of truth and not simulated” and asked “for respect and not to play with the dignity of the case.” They commented “Do not make a shameful mistake again, as in the case of the Acteal massacre.”

They asked for the support of the population to pressure the justice system so that the presumed material perpetrator of the murder is sentenced “without setbacks and without absurd arguments” and the intellectual authorship of the crime is investigated.

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