National: AMLO Announces Decree to Release the Unsentenced, Tortured and Elderly

@Aristegui Noticias

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that he will issue a decree to release inmates for non-serious crimes from federal prisons who are under any of the following assumptions: that in ten years they have not been sentenced, that they are over 75, or over 65 with chronic degenerative diseases (the Ministry of Health will be in charge of making the diagnoses), and those people who have been tortured.

The potential beneficiaries are allegedly responsible for crimes under federal jurisdiction, although he urged state governments to promote similar measures. In this sense, the Ministry of the Interior reported that 94 thousand 547 incarcerated people have not received a sentence, which implies that 43% of the prison population is in preventive detention.

Andres Manuel explained that a simplified procedure will be followed and the deadline for their release will be before September 15th. The Ministry of the Interior will be in charge of preparing the decree.

Meanwhile, Alejandro Encinas Rodriguez, undersecretary of Human Rights, Population and Migration, stressed that the practice of torture in any order of the State must be eradicated, since whoever has been subjected to torture must obtain their freedom.

Civil society has recognized the possibility of releasing people who have been tortured, however, concern is raised that it should be verified through the Istanbul Protocol, since many of the people detained or tried do not have such evidence, or sometimes the authority in charge of carrying it out is the same that performs the acts of torture. In addition, this Protocol is not the only tool to support the judicial determination of the existence of torture.

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