Guerrero: Demands for Presentation of Vicente Suastegui, Missing CECOP Member

@La Montaña Tlachinollan Human Rights Center

On August 8th, community members along with representatives of social organizations and opponents of La Parota Dam marched through the streets of Acapulco, Guerrero, to demand the presentation of Vicente Suastegui Muñoz, a member of the Council of Opponent Ejidos and Communities to La Parota Dam (CECOP) and who is reported missing since August 5th. According to Marco Antonio Suastegui Muñoz, Vicente’s brother and CECOP spokesperson, his brother was deprived of liberty by three armed men when he was on his way back to his home.

The march, which took place for half a day, went to the State Attorney General’s Office before which they demanded the acceleration of investigations to locate the missing person alive, given the importance of the first 72 hours to locate him safe and sound.

La Montaña Tlachinollan Human Rights Center issued an Urgent Action on August 6th in which they made known how Vicente Suastegui had previously denounced in local media and before the State Human Rights Commission, “that on July 13th of the year in progress, members of the Secretary of the Navy tried to enter his home in a violent manner, accusing him of having a report of drug sales.”

Tlachinollan recalled how this emblematic fight of the CECOP has already been criminalized, for example the leader of the CECOP “has been imprisoned three times and to date has other arrest warrants. The purpose of this political persecution is to decimate the opposition force of CECOP.”They also highlighted how Vicente’s disappearance “occurs in a climate of violence perpetrated by both state players and criminal groups, who sometimes act together. For this reason, the state authorities have to exhaust all lines of investigation, taking into account his social activism, the acts of harassment that he was subjected to by the Navy at his home and identify the vehicle and the persons who perpetrated the disappearance.”

No progress has yet been reported by the authorities.

For more information in Spanish:


Marchan para exigir la presentación con vida de Vicente Suástegui, hermano del vocero del Cecop (El Sol de Chilpancingo, 8 de agosto)

Marchan comuneros; exigen presentación con vida de un integrante del Cecop(La Jornada, 9 de agosto)

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