National/International: Concern over Threats to Journalist Azucena Uresti

@ Forbes

Several media, as well as Azucena Uresti, host and journalist, were threatened by alleged members of an organized crime group through a video posted on Twitter.

On Monday, President Lopez Obrador spoke about the case during his morning conference and expressed his solidarity with the journalist. Likewise, he affirmed that he gave instructions to implement a protection mechanism: “We will be with her. Supporting her, protecting her from her. She is not alone”, the President stated.

Similarly, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, expressed her solidarity and offered protection through the Comprehensive Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists (MPI) as “urgent.” “All our solidarity for Azucena, as for any journalist who has a threat. They have to have all the protection of the State that they require”, she said.

Communicators, activists and organizations also demanded action from the government and protection for Uresti. “We demand that the Ministry of the Interior (SEGOB) and public security authorities coordinate in order to urgently protect members of the media, as well as Azucena Uresti and her relatives”, Article 19 demanded.

OHCHR spokesperson Ravina Shamdasani said that “it is the duty of the State to guarantee the freedom of expression of journalists, this includes ensuring the ability of journalists to continue doing their job”, which was reaffirmed by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet.

For more information in Spanish:

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Gobierno de Sheinbaum ofrece medidas de protección para Azucena Uresti “en calidad de urgentes” (Proceso, 10 de agosto de 2021)

Alta Comisionada de la ONU DDHH urge a AMLO proteger a Uresti y medios amenazados por el CJNG (Proceso, 10 de agosto de 2021)

For more information from SIPAZ:

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